2 States Hindi New movie Full of comical and romantic

2 States is a comical and romantic movie about the differences in culture, language, food, etc that we face in day- to-day life. The story has its base from a novel called 2 states authored by Chetan Bagat. Karan Johar had produced the film and it is off course another major hit among the audience. The success of the film was that huge that the film earned good name and the director Abhishek Varman was commended greatly for his creation. The film is a very different film, which make think about the cultures of Indian states. The film had celebrated huge success and had earned great name.

2 states is the love story between two extremely different states of families which have uncountable dissimilarities excepting one similarity that they are Indians. The film is headed by new comers other than the supporting roles. Arjun Kapoor as Krish and Alia Bhat as Ananya Swaminathan is the actor and actress, respectively. They have acted so nicely that they have earned nice names. Both study in IIM, Ahmedabad and they begin to befriend. Arjun Kapoor is from a Punjabi family and his family members are very much proud about their family heritage. And that of Ananya Swaminathan is from Tamil nadu and she belongs to a typical Tamil Brahmin.

In the film 2 States, both get graduated for MBA and they meet each other often. Their friendship develops to love, and they love each other very. During the two years of their study they become very close friends. Arjun always wanted to become a writer but his family was against his wish. On the day of graduation, they plan to get married and settle in life. Both of them reveal their wishes to their families, and both of their families showed their dislikes in all possible ways.

Ananya’s family visit Arjun’s house and meets his parents but Krish’s family disgraces Tamil Brahmin family. So Krish leaves their parents and takes up a bank job in Delhi and Ananya takes-up a marketing job. Krish leaves Delhi and meets Ananya and earns good name in Ananya’s family by tuting Ananya’s brother, getting a chance to sing for her mother and helping Ananya’s father with a ppt presentation. Likewise, Ananya goes to Krish’s family and earns likes though she gets lots of troubles from their family. At one point of time both the families get convinced and plan to get Krish to marry Ananya. Ananya and Krish plan for a holiday trip with both families before marriage but Krish’s mother insults Ananya’s mother and father. So Ananya returns Chennai with her parents. After a short time, Krish’s father intends to meet Ananya’s mother and father and also intend to apologize for his wife’s misbehavior. Thus, 2 States ends by getting Ananya married to Krish and the two states get united. Love has united people of different states irrespective of their cultural, language, food and day-to-day activities.