Hero The Superstar Bangla movie of Shakib Khan

Hero The Superstar a movie among the four movies released on the Eid. Hero The Superstar attracted all and made it standalone. It’s the first production of Shakib Khan. Hero the superstar is Shakib Khan’s new Bangla movie. Shakib Khan is the top actor among Bangladeshi. Hero The Superstar is an Dhallywood film directed by Bodiul Alam Khokon. The film stars Shakib Khan in a dual role, with Apu Biswas and Bobby in the female lead. While Amit Hasan, Shiba Shanu, Misha Sawdagor, Nothun and Uzzol play supporting roles.

Hero The Superstar starts the story about a Hero (Shakib Khan) and the person is a criminal at the beginning. The Hero is a killer, a young rich boy always committed to perform crimes and murders though he was found as a gentleman later.

The Hero of “Hero the Superstar”, a software engineer meets Priya (Apu Biswas) and feels love inside his heart. Salma Khan is the elder sister of Priya and a local rowdy. She had seen the hero to kill a senior police officer. She was shocked afraid and wanted to kill Hero but things get spoiled. There were twin brothers and the real truth came out.

The film’s storyline is all that much similar to Telegu film “Renegade”; which makes the motion picture less intriguing. Shakib Khan should’ve begun his vocation as maker with a unique story or he could’ve purchased the redo rights from unique film however rather he stole the entire storyline. Another exhortation to Shakib Khan is that as opposed to making Bodiul Alam Khokon the executive of his each film, he ought to try different things with vastly improved chiefs like Iftakar Chowdhury, Aashiqur Rahman and numerous other youthful era executives. The film had tolerable music; A Suggestion to Shakib Khan would be to utilize more youthful era vocalists.

Notwithstanding numerous blemishes, this is one of Shakib Khan’s best films. His exertion as maker and performer is unmistakable in the film. Fundamentally the accomplishment of the film is absolutely on Shakib Khan.

By and large, the film Hero The Superstar is a complete excitement yet doesn’t expect any uniqueness in the film. The film is entirely implied for stimulation and that’s it.