Buno Haansh full movie from Indian Bangla Kolkata film

Buno Haansh (Wild Goose in English) is the Indian Bangla Kolkata movie released recently in 15 August, 2014. Buno Haansh is Kolkata Benglai thriller movie. Full movie is 142 minutes in length.

This cinema was based on a novel “Buno Haansh” by Samaresh Majumdar. Tollywood actor and actresses taking the leading roles in “Buno Haansh” film are Dev (Amal), Srabanti Chatterjee (Sohag) and Tanusree Chakraborty (Rijula). Other roles are- Moon Moon Sen (Madam), Arindam Sil (Owner at message parlor), Sudipta Chakraborty (Amal’s sister in law), Gargi Roychowdhury (Atti), Anindya Pulak ( Robin), Shankar Chakraborty, Subhrojeet Dutta (Brother of Sohag), Sohag Sen (Mother of Amal).

It was directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and screenplay was by Shyamal Sengupta.

Short story about Buno Haansh Kolkata movie

Buno Haansh movie is related to underworld. Amal is a security guard in profession and the properties around him make him greedy. Amal in this movie is corrupted by deep smuggling business. A friend of Amal introduces him to the underworld. At last Amal realizes that he was doing wrong.

Amal is the main attraction of the movie who cam from a middle class family. He was always disapointed and never experienced success in life. His life is sorrowfull and he had a widowed mother. On the other hand his another brother is honest and his wife is the main reason of poverty in their family. At the beginning Amal also was a honest guy and he expected tio change his luck with his hard work but he got spoiled after meeting with childhood friend and appearing for an interview in a peculiar job.

Buno haansh is a magic creation by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury because he is really success a to draw a real line according to Bengali society. Dev apread more real and simple in the movie. Sohag made the audience feared and also Amal on the cinema, she was the dedicated women in her family who was suffering from cancer silently and never told anyone. Than what happened? Some one there should be, right? Yes the same happened. In a avarage the movie Buno Haansh is not like the others to give you some freaky smile but it will instead give you some sad mood and will help you realize your life, your society.