Chotushkone Bangla movie Chotushkone

Chotushkone (Bengali spelling: চতুষ্কোণ; English meaning: Quadrangle) is an Indian Bengali thriller film from Kolkata. Short information about Chotushkone: Director name: Srijit Mukherji, Principal role plays: Aparna Sen, Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Goutam Ghosh, Parambrata Chatterjee. Music: Anupam Roy. The movie is 148 minutes length and in Bangla language. The film received positive reputation from critics. The movie “Chotushkone” got released in 2014.

Chotushkone Story

Chotushkone is the story which unravels four stories inside. Four executives had met up to make a film with four sorts of plots. Joy (Parambrata), the junior one makes them comes together. The senior three chiefs Trina (Aparna Sen), Dyipto (Chiranjeet) and Shakyo (Goutam Ghose) likewise had a past together. As of late Trina and Dyipto are not in talking terms. In spite of the fact that they had inside issues, still they met up for this project. According to the maker they need to go to a remote home close Bakkhali and share their individual storey.

As the street excursion start, they began sharing their story together in Chotushkone movie scene. Another subplot is demonstrating the past relations of Trina, Shakyo and Dyipto in a prior time and set. Shakyo’s story was of an author who can execute his characters in serials so they got to be prevalent after death. Yet, one night, three of his characters frequent him so severely, it cause his demise by heart assault. In past time, the youthful Dipto and Trina consented to work with another maker yet with the state of picking their own executive. The task went to Shakyo. The story return to present times and demonstrating the four chiefs in a roadside dhaba where Dyipto goes to accept a call and almost confront a mischance, additionally discover his story meanwhile. As the trek start once more, he unravels his account of a desolate insane smoker whose wife kicked the bucket on the night of their marriage. One night he discovers no cigarette and in an edgy hunt, he strolled far and meets a policeman. The policeman takes his wallet and afterward the smoker discovers a gentleman with cigarette and requested some flame. Talking the gentleman’s last cigarette, he ran just to meet a mischance. The story closes and the street excursion was currently in a center of a wilderness and all of a sudden the auto separated. So they needed to go to another resort of the maker. The past demonstrates a separation in the middle of Dyipto and Trina. In the resort Trina says her a player in story. It’s of a medium that can bring home the bacon and dead however she takes assignments from the dead. The next morning, delight unravels his story with the name ‘Niyoti'(Nemesis) and began recounting a triangle of a chief, a performer and an on-screen character. The story was like the tale of the three senior chiefs, so Trina challenged as it was excessively individual yet Shakyo (the executive) was prepared to listen.

The story of Chotushkone movie uncovers that in the past the on-screen character and performer was Dyipto and Trina individually and the third vertex of the triangle was Shakyo. As there was a separation in the middle of Trina and Dyipto, they quit working in the undertaking and the maker’s cash was in question. His wife conferred suicide and he was gone insane. The case was mightily stooped by the three senior chiefs i.e. Trina, Dyipto and Shakyo. In any case, the maker had a stage sibling who was cherished by both the maker and his wife as their own particular sibling according to Joy’s storyline and he needed to vindicate his sibling and sister-in-law. The story arrives at an end uncovering that none yet.

Joy himself was the said sibling of the maker and he then attempted to execute the three in a Russian roulette manner yet fizzled as one shot penetrate him, while Trina was spared by Dyipto in the Chotushkone movie. Toward the end Dyipto and Trina needed to deal with that distraught maker (Joy’s stride sibling) yet was stunned seeing him as he was all the while living previously. They grieve the passing of satisfaction with the various performers found in the film Chotushkone.