Chuye Dile Mon Bengali movie Now in Sydney after Neywork

The bengali Movie Chuye Dile Mon has been released in 09 May, 2015 in Neywork. On this movie Arefin Shuvo and Mom roleplayed. Now it’s going to get released in the cineplexes of Sydney, Australia, It will be released in 24 May evening in Harsvil greater Uninion cinema hall. The news came from the director Shihab Shaheen.

The director is very happy for the release in Sydney. He said “Bengali people in foreign are watching Bangla movies in the cinema halls, it’s too much pleasure to me.” Triyo Film International is serving the movie. It’s their first time serving. Chuye Dilo Mon is created with romantic story. Shuvo Said- “It’s my great plesure to get released in oversease besides my country.”

Widely spreading of Chuye Dile Mon both in the country and abroad it proves that Chuye Dile Mon is a hit and popular movie. Pole really want movies like this one. We can say that Bangla movie is developing in quality and gaining more populairy day by day. Begnali people hope that Bangla film will gain a fame and will come over from the middle age bad films.

Movies effect the social outlook and cultural behaboir so good movies are really important. The country film production industries are realizing that pople really want some good movies with social values and they are improving thereby. Chuye Dilo Mon is one them where is no adultery or bad scence was found. People expect a film to watch with their dearest ones, friends and family and that’s why it’s very important that a movie should be moderated so that there is no obstacle to enjoy a movie with whole family but th movie the movie is still great. Film industries in Bangladesh is learning that it is really possible to make a movie great and enjoyable without any adult emotion.