Deepika Padukone rejected her engagement and marriage

In response to recent Bollywood rumor about the marriage of Deepika Padukone, Deepika Padukone has clearly rejected the news. Giving a name of Bollywood to factory of Rumor will not bad, because too many new rumor happens here. For example, the rumor about engagement of Deepika Padukone is now on the air from last few days.

Different public media in India published several information and news about the engagement of Deepika Padukone with her lover Ranveer Singh. They said that-The engagement was completed and after few days they are going to marriage and live under the safe roof. Deepika Padukone make clear this rumor.

FDCI held in New Delhi on Wednesday, India Culture Week Manish Malhotra designs at 2016, she walked as the ramp dressed star. At the end of the program the journalists ask her about the imaginary engagement. Pikoo Star Deepika Padukone replied- “I think this is the ideal chance to clear. I’m not pregnant, I’m not engaged to anyone. I’m not married, and the marriage did not grieve now. ”

Deepika Padukone going to start shooting of Padmavati by Sanjayalila Banasalira in September. -NDTV.