Dhoom 3 Hindi Movie Abishek Bachan and Katrina Kaif

Dhoom 3 , one of Indian Blockbuster film was released on 20th December, 2013. This action packed film was directed by famous director Vijay Chopra and the story was written by Aditya Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya who contributed a lot to the creation of this famous film.

Dhoom 3 has earned its place as one of the most expensive Bollywood film made with an enormous budget of 1.25 million Rupee. And within 2 days of its release it became one of the biggest hits all over India.

The actors and actress of this film are
Abishek Bachan took role as ACP Jai Dixit
Uday Chopra acted as Ali Akbar Fateh Khan
Katrina Kaif roleplayed as Aaliya
Jackie Shroff as Iqbal Haroon Khan
Tabrett Bethell was seen as Victoria Williams
Andrew Bicknell roleplayed as Mr. Anderson
Amir Khan took doble roleplay as Young Sahir and Samar
Dhoom 3 is the 3rd series of the dhoom movie starring Amir Khan, Abishek Bachan and Katrina Kaif

Summary of the story:

Dhoom 3 movie scence 2
Dhoom 3 movie scence 2

Samir and Sahir were born twins without a Mother. Their father was a circus actor who fell into great debt and bank pressurized him to sell his circus. He even performed an act to save the circus but it failed. Seeing no other way he took out his pistol and shot himself in front of his twin sons and the bankers. Both sahir and samar were shocked and promised to take revenge on these cruel bankers who ruined his hardworking fathers life work and forced him to commit suicide.

Dhoom 3 Movie Scene 3
Dhoom 3 Movie Scene 3

Sahir and Samar both growed up and intelligentially targeted the various branches of Andersons Bank, stoling thousands of dollars from the banks. They took as much as they can and destroyed all the rest money in the banks. After each robbery they left a clown mask on the crime scene Jai a police officer and his assistant Ali were appointed and took hold of this case. Jai openly critisised the robbers to make them attempt another robbery in which jai was prepared.

But Samar was a clever guy. He himself planned a trap and used it to make the robbery. Samar was shot while trying to escape and jai tried to accuse him. But couldnt as Sahar was in place of Samir and so no bullet marks were found on his body.

Samir felt in love with Aaliya and the film turned into romantic. The Final robbery day came. After this robbery the Andersons bank would be closed completely. A lot of action packed event took place during this robbery, which really put the spectators hold on their seat. Sahir and Samar managed to escape. But intelligent police office Jai Dixit used Samars Girlfriend Aaliya as a decoy to stop them from escaping.

Sahir pleaded to Jai to release all the crimes by taking them on his own shoulders and giving him a pendrive containing all the informations of the robbery. Jai allowed Sahir to go back and to tell Samar that he will be the only one in charge now on. He tried to throw himself from the bridge but Samar caught him. After some heartbreaking talk they let go and embraced death together.