Emraan Hashmi Bollywood actor- Ashik banaya Hamko

Emraan Hashmi – the most famous from Ashik banaya apne is a Muslim born 24 March, 1979 and is a favorite actor for many India and other parts of the world. He is a relative of Mahesh Bhat as his mother and Mahesh Bhat’s mothers are sisters. Before coming to action he was busy with Vigshesh film as assistant director. He became the star for first in the Footpath and Murder was a huge hit. The film was thriller and was familiar for this commendable action. His reviews for the film was so great that he went to fame overnight. Awarapan and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and Gangster were the films which gave him success. Emraan Hashmi had a smart attitude and was a craze among the ladies of India. Emraan was told the best actor for debutant many times in the award ceremony. Several times he was nominated for his films but Emraan Hashmi married after long love story of six and half years and the couple have a son called Ayann Hashmi and he was deducted for first stage of cancer in 2014 but he was born 2010.

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is related to other film personalities who did not act but contribute to several people. He was born to Anwar Hashmi and Mahira Hashmi and he was doing his college in Mumbai. His romance with Malika Sherowat was so commented among the audience. He reveals so much of his talents in films and Tanushree Dutta and Isha Sharvani were so much commented among the commoners.

Emraan Hashmi had only one film Jannat in the following year and he was thought to perform the role nice. In the film Raaz he paired with the actress cum supermodel which gave him so much millions of profits. He played as a gangster in Once upon a Time in Mumbai and the film went so well with co-star of Ajay Devgan , and Prachi Desai. Emraan Hashmi was told that he is getting acted better and better in every new roles get, and he is seen in other films like Jannat 2 and Vasils Vasilklos’s Shangai.

Emraan Hashmi was also accepting many roles that gives life to characters. He was considered very reserved in the film industry. He had acted in Aksar with Dino Morea as the film gave so much of money to the production unit. Another film Dil Diya Hai was also another hit and was very commendable to us. Emraan Hashmi takes part in a comical film and there also he showed his talent. In Gangster, he had played with negative person but the shooting went well and the film gave him more critics on his behalf. He was the person with mesmerizing join hands that gets people in the film. Emraan Hashmi is related to director and producer Mahesh Bhatt.

Though he has acted in several films people would like to see him in the movie and he is about to be in films in many numbers in the upcoming year.

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