Game 2014 action thriller Bangla film Of Jeet

Game is a 2014 action thriller Bengali film directed by Baba Yadav and produced by Reliance Entertainment and Grassroot Entertainment under the banner of Reliance Entertainment and Grassroot Entertainment and distributed by Jalsha Movies Production. The film features actors Jeet and Subhasree Ganguly in the lead roles. Music of the film has been composed by Jeet Ganguly.The film is the remake of 2012 blockbuster Tamil film Thuppakki starring Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal in the Lead roles. It is also remade in Hindi named Holiday.

Game Movie Story

In the Game movie Abhimanyu Chatterjee (Jeet), a Captain in the Indian Army, comes back to Kolkata from Kashmir. On his entry, his guardians and more youthful sisters compel him to see Trisha (Subhashree Ganguly), who they decide for him to be hitched to. At the spouse seeing service, Abhimanyu concocts reasons to abstain from wedding her, which incorporates remarking about her being antiquated. In actuality, Trisha is a school level boxer, who is totally present day in her viewpoint. Abhimanyu understands this and proposes to her, which she responds.

One day, they were passing through the city with his companion, Santilal, Abhimanyu witnesses the blast of a transport in which they had voyaged in Game movie sconce. He figures out how to catch the man who lay the bomb, however he escapes from the healing center where he was kept under guardianship. Abducts the aircraft once more, furthermore strengths the cop who helped the plane’s getaway, to confer suicide. Abhimanyu soon discovers that the aircraft is an insignificant agent, a sleeper cell, whose just part was to plant the bomb. He additionally finds that the Islamic terrorist bunch Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami, which the aircraft fits in with, has arranged different such assaults in the city in a few days. Enrolling the assistance of his kindred Army men and Balaji, Jagadish figures out how to ruin these assaults and execute the sleeper cell pioneer’s sibling and eleven different terrorists, including the first sleeper cell.

At the point when the pioneer of the terrorist bunch (Sourav Chakraborty) finds out about the part of Abhimanyu in the disappointment of the terrorist assault, he starts to focus on the groups of the armed force men, aside from Abhimanyu, by capturing somebody near to them in Game movie. At the point when Abhimanyu understands the arrangement, he substitutes one of the individuals to be seized, with his more youthful sister. Utilizing his pet puppy and his sister’s dupatta, he figures out how to achieve the terrorists’ alcove, saving his sister, why should about be slaughtered after Abhimanyu’s feign was uncovered, and alternate casualties and disposing of the terrorists gathered there. Asif Ali, the second-in-charge of the sleeper cells is caught and killed by Abhimanyu.

At the point when this assault falls flat, the terrorist pioneer chooses to target Ahimanyu himself. He requests that Abhimanyu surrender to him or else there would be more terrorist assaults. Abhimanyu chooses to yield his life and devises an arrangement with his kindred armed force men. Ahimanyu meets the pioneer in a boat, which has been fixed with a bomb planted by Abhimanyu’s companion. When he finds out about the pioneer’s arrangement then again, which is to uncover Abhimanyu’s armed force group as terrorists and thinking around a Muslim terrorist in the Indian protection — Vinod Sharma (Arindam Sil), he battles the pioneer and breaks with him in a vessel. After the boat blasts, he slaughters the pioneer. Abhimanyu faces Vinod Sharma and compels him to confer suicide, and later comes back to Kashmir with his group. The Game movie ended thereby.