Happy New Year Hindi Movie Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika

Happy new year is an action packed- romantic and commodious film released on 23rd October 2013 directed by Farah Khan and written by Mayur Puri.

Happy new year movie scene 2
Happy new year movie scene 2

The actors and actresses who has roleplayed in this movie and their onscreen roles are-
Shah Rukh Khan took the role of Chandramohan Manohar Sharma a.k.a Charlie
Abhishek Bachchan acted as Nandu Bhide/Vicky Grover (Dual Role)
Deepika Padukone was seen as Mohini Joshi
Boman Irani was as Temhton Irani (Tammy)
Sonu Sood was the Captain Jagmohan Prakash (Jag)
Vivaan Shah was Rohan Singh (Jag’s Nephew)
Jackie Shroff was Charan Grover in the movie.

Happy new Year movie scene 3
Happy new Year movie scene 3

The movie topics is about Charlie aka Chandramohan Manohar (Shahrukh Khan), he arranged a group having 7 people in a team, to launch the biggest robbery on the earth. For this purpose, they need to eligible for the World Dance Championship which is arranged in Dubai yearly. His partners formed for this crime are his childhood friends ace-puker Nandu Bhide (Abhishek Bachchan), Parsi-stud Tammy (Boman Irani), Mohini (Deepika Padukone) dances on bar, geeky-hacker Rohan (Vivaan Shah) and powerful Jag who is partially deaf (Sonu Sood). The most interesting? None of them knows how to dance. So they had to manage Mohini to teach them and to also made her a team of dance club . Charlie’s job is to rob diamonds approximate value of 300-crore to avenge the death of his father (Anupam Kher). He was sent into false proof planting by tricks and had to suicide in prison.

Beginning of Happy New Year is well, Starting half is appearing relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk and very interesting. Farah dedicated her time to familiarize all the roles in the movie. As followers expected, Shahrukh Khan started the extreme introductory , but the entire scenes of Vivaan Shah with Boman Irani are extremely amusing. Deepika appeared in the screen for about an hour inside the movie starting Lovely song Manwa Lage.

As the movie continues, the pace slows, especially the beginning of the later half. At the beginning, from a patriotic view it seems it was enforced to a normal story, but after the end of the movie you will find meaning of being a citizen of India. Some portion of the movie will turn you cringe and applaude– (Charlie) For example Sharukhs fighting scene with the Korean dancer, saving the child during the dance competition from hitting into the spike ball and all the action-packed melodrama in the climax . Last of All the most exciting part of the film is seeing Charlie and his team succeeded in stealing the diamonds worth 300 crores .All of them decided to flee away all except Mohini who says and believe, “Haaro to Haaro,par ijjat maat utaroo”. She proudly stayed behind to perform at the final dance for all Indians. It was a shock to Charlie and his friends which created some drama but all of them participated in the final Dance of the film and won the entire dance competition.
Finnaly Charlie got his revenge as his father’s killer was sent to prison for losing the diamonds counting value of 300 crores.

You can’t hope to define reasons or theme in the movie like Happy New Year, but there is surely scenes mixed with action, melodrama, craziness, love and romance which makes the chill, fun and excitement. It is filmed in a way which will entertain the audience for its entire length of 3 and a half hours . Happy New Year has many romantic scenes and funny ones which made it one of the best Movies of our times.