Jab we met Hindi movie Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Jab we met is a hindi movie Directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Dhillin Mehta. Screenplay and was done by Imtiaz Ali and also the story by Imtiaz Ali. The musics and songs was by Pritam Sandesh Shandilya. In background Score: Sanjoy Chowdhury.

The actors and actresses on Jab we met movie is: Shahid Kapoor performed leading role as Aditya Kashyap, Kareena Kapoor performed the leading role as Geet. Others complementry characters are- Dara Singh as played the role as Geet’s grandfather, Pawan Malhotra is on the character of Geet’s uncle, Kiran Juneja had appeared as Geet’s mother, Saumya Tandon played the role as Roop, Tarun Arora having role as Anshuman, Divya Seth took the role as Aditya’s mother, Brijendra Kala was seen as the Taxi driver, Vishal O Sharma having was Aditya’s lawyer.

Jab we meet movie cost 150 million Ruppe to complete, it is a 3 hours long movie which was released on 26 October 2007.

Story of Jab we met Hindi movie

Aditya Kashyap ( Shahid Kapoor) is a rich industrialist who meets his girlfriend at her marriage with another person. He fell into depression and starts journey in a train without purchasing the ticket , when the train is running he meets Geet Dhillon( Kareena Kapoor). She is very talkative Punjabi girl and lives in happiness. At the first moment Aditya discovered that Geet is very annoying as she is talking without Aditya showing any interest or attention to her.

On the journey Aditya gets off the train alone and Geet followed him and she lost her luggage. Aditya imagines Geet is really a fool because he never told her to get off the running train nor does he thinks she is helping him out. He followed a trick and hides himself. Geet thinks he has gone to commit suicide. Geet was very angry because she missed the train and charged Aditya that he is the reason behind it. Aditya commited to help Geeta by driving a taxi at super speed to the next train station where the train will take stopage. Geet missed the train for second time as she is careless in nature. As there is no way they had to rent a room but the hostel authority thought Geeta is a call girl and they were raided by police.

Aditya started to feel happy in his life with Geeta’s help and started to get some enjoyable moments with Geeta and visited her Punjabi family in Bhatinda. They forced Aditya to stay with them for a few days. But Geeta ran away with him and went to her boyfriend. So Aditya left her and returned to his life finding success at every turn. One day her relatives came to Adityas office searching for Geet. Aditya was schocked to hear that she havent returned to her parents yet. So he looked for Geet and found her in a charity home. He searched for her and returned her to her family members. Geets parents were very impressed and arranged a marriage between Aditya and Geet. But Geet was still in love with her boyfriend. So Aditya brought his boyfriend and finally Geet realized whom she really loved that is “Aditya.”

The film Jab we met ended with a dance Mauja Mauja