Jal fall to best Hindi Movies of 2014 in Bollywood

Jal is a Hindi movie which was translated from English film “Water”. It has love, relationships, enmity all of the mixture in a movie shows. This Bollywood film which is set in the Rann of Kutch, India, a stroy about young water diviner named Bakka who was overconfident and he had special power to find water in the desert. He tries to solve the drought problems in his village, but challenges unforeseen circumstances when he tries to help a female bird watcher save flamingos.

The director of Jal Hindi cinema: Girish Malik. The film was premiered and gained special mention at the “New Currents” section of the Busan International Film Festival 2013 and in the “Indian Panorama” section of the International Film Festival of India. This movie was released on 4 April 2014, in India. One World Films has collaborated with DAR Motion Pictures for the distribution of ‘Jal’ in India. The film has received the National Film Award for Best Special Effects for the year 2013 at the 61st National Film Awards. Jal was also short-listed as an Oscars 2014 contender in the Best Picture Category and the Best Original Score Category. The film advanced in the top 114 films in the Best Original Score Category.

The Movie Jal is fine in shots but it something looked like an advertisement for Kutchhi Landscape and costumes. After all the movie was more complex with too many stories. There was romance found in between Bakka and “dusman goan wali gori” Kesar (Kulhari). On the scene there were too many hot and heavy sexual abuses. A learner on the desert named ‘fingari girl” (Jules) hold the secenes in her camera and pass to media. Her appearance is something different to look at and known as “gori chamri”. There came another foreigner who bring out the real and Bakka get lost.