Kalkandu Tamil movie A tamil story film

Kalkandu is a Tamil movie and a new addition Indian film in 2014. The “Kalkandu” Tamil Cinema was written and directed by Nandakumar. Leading roles in this movie are- Gajesh and Dimple Chopade. It got released in October 2014. The producer of Kalkandu is J. Mahalakshmi.

Kalkandu Movie Story and Review

Here comes Gajesh, grandson of Nagesh to attempt his fortunes on extra large screen. The lady endeavor of Gajesh titled Kalkandu is a sentimental story that accompanies a message. It talks about the need to urge youngsters to seek after their advantage and is bound with sentiment and comic drama.

In the Kalkandu movie Dimple Chopde is the heroine. Ganja Karuppu, Swaminathan, T P Gajendran, Muthuraman are additionally in the cast. Akhil plays a cameo. Karthik (Gajesh) is a brimming with joy young person.

In the Kalkandu film, his guardians need him to study medication, however he has different arrangements. He makes his guardians accept that he studies prescription and comes to city. He succumbs to Karthika (Dimple).

There is a flashback to why he succumbs to her in Kalkandu movie. Following four years, the young lady leaves the city without illuminating Karthik and he goes looking for her with his companions Ganja Karuppu and Swaminathan.

At the point when the group of Karthik comes to realize that he had conned them, poo hits the fan. In the mean time Karthika gets connected with to senior sibling of Karthik played by Akhil. What happens then structures the peak.

It is an obsolete story and Gajesh has not a lot to do. He is bubbly however. Dimple plays a commonplace courageous woman, while Ganja Karuppu and Swaminathan attempt to bring out giggling. Nandha Kumar has woven a business plot to the story. It works out just in parts in Kalkandu movie.