Office Holidays for Kabali movie in India

This is very surprising and impressing that for watching the Kabali movie in India many offices have granted holidays ! This is known as a hero! Today 22 July 2016, (Friday) The movie “Kabali” of grand actor Rajanikanto is going to be released all over the India.

It has made a great discussion and curiosity all over the country. Not only in India but also Kabali has crossed the border to United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia and China.

Stealing of poster, special flight of Air Asia, Pictures leaked online- all of this news about Kabali was published and broadcast by several publishing media.

It has been known that today (Friday) business offices at South India have granted extra holiday today for their office stuffs. The reason of this holiday is very impressive ! This holiday is for watching Kabali by Rajanikanto !

Before the movie getting released the property owner of this movie has already earned a huge amount of three million dollars. This movie is also dubbed in Telugu Tamil, Hindi, Malay and Malayalam languages. The principal opposite role play against Rajanikanto is- Actress Radhika Apte.

This movie of Rajanikanto is going to be released on 12 thousand screen. No other movie from india has never been released on this many screen. It may cross the profit amount made by last Bollywood movie “Sultan”. Even may be the movie PK by Amir Khan. This written following BBC and India Today.