Pipra Bidya 2015 Bangla Movie about Brainstorming Cheating

Pipra Bidya (Ant Story, Pipra Bidda) is a recent movie released in Bangladesh. The director is Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. Actors and actresses are Sheena Chohan, Nur Imran Mitu and others. Mithu is a young graduate boy who lives on the riverside. Mithu is astonished with dazzling Dhaka city that seems to a big pie. Everybody tends to stake in the pie. Mithu understood that he is not perfectly equipped for the pie to win. So he picked up a unusual and unethical way. He planned that if the world can not be like he thought, it is eaiser to create a new customized world in his head. He continues to faking, lying and fantasizing. He enjoys the most pleasure of creativity because “truth is what one has while lies are what one creates”. Finally it grew more dangerously creative game of sex-lies and videotape.

The little Bangladeshi film Ant Story (Pipra Bidya) educates a parallel story concerning Mithu, an incurable daydreamer from the Third World who gets regularly involved in his dreams. Despite the fact that altogether different from chief Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s quite commended Television, it opens up another vein of wry parody taking into account genuine characters and circumstances. An appreciated push originates from amusing novice on-screen character Noor Imran Mithu as the fantasist, whose well intentioned yet cloying ways drive a celebrated performer (played by Indian performing artist and model Sheena Chohan) amusingly over the edge. There’s no awesome pay-off here, however given Farooki’s status as a nonconformist Southeast Asian chief, this non mainstream ought to stand a decent risk of circling.

The move of control in the middle of Reema and Mithu is the heart of the film Pipra Bidya and draws out the most exceedingly terrible in them two. Debilitating to post the feature on You Tube and ruin her profession, Mithu worms his way into her home and her life. Initially he drives her to posture as his life partner to make his ex envious. At that point when he gets her at home alone, he proposes they play “spouse and wife” in a long set piece that is both roar with laughter clever and some way or another strong. The crude stylistic theme is an immaculate counterpoint for his empty dream order, reviewing Todd Solondz in a smooth minute.

Despite the fact that he’s a liar, a blackmailer and a titan bother, Mithu is so completely human its incomprehensible not to feel frustrated about the gentleman, however this is a long ways from thinking about his destiny. After he dreams that ants are slithering everywhere all over, things take a bleaker turn and the film closes on a practically reasonable note. The entryway is left open a break, notwithstanding. Truth be told, Mithu still has a container of SIM cards at home holding up to dispatch his next dream.